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What a great time to start Glassblowing! Borosilicate Color is evolving and growing rapidly, and the colors that are available have quadrupled in the last several years. Sparkly colors such as Northstar Unobtanium, bright colors such as the Glass Alchemy Crayon line, and even double and triple layer colors are now available.

Another great addition to the market is ready to use tubing, which has only been available for a few years. Northstar, Glass Alchemy, and Trautman offer some of their top selling colors in tubing form at great prices. Glasscraft also offers lined tubing, which allows you to skip the prep and get right to the fun part!

Now that you've got all your glass, it's time to check out our kilns and fiber blankets for annealing in the NEXT STEP


Assortment - Effetre 104 - 41 Color Delux Sample Pack


Broad range of 41 clear, transparent, pastel and special colors, 13" lengths

SKU: M591100-D



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