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ASGS Fall Meeting 2015

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On September 12, 2015 members of the Rocky Mountain section of the American Scientific Glassblower’s Society (ASGS) gathered at CPI International for their  3rd meeting of 2015. This meeting was sponsored by Glasscraft and was a lot of fun!

The day started with a short meeting to discuss section business.  This included disclosing the location of the 2016 ASGS Symposium, Tucson, Arizona next May. At the upcoming Symposium, Blake Bortolin (the Alternate Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Section) will be in charge of the Art Auction. If you would like to donate Art for auction, please contact Blake bcbortolin@yahoo.com.  Director, Ron Bihler ran the meeting and is pictured below with Chair, Chris Sadjak.



After the meeting we started the demos. We began with Pat Smythe (the Rocky Mountain Section Treasurer) who did a lathe demo. He fabricated a Single Blow Allyn Condenser.


Followed by Robert Simons aka Road dog who did a color technique demo.



After a short food break we resumed with a sculptural demo by Dina K who demo’d both hollow and solid sculptures.




These meetings are a great educational experience and a huge networking opportunity! If you are interested in attending future meetings, contact us atasgs.rms.secretary@gmail.com. You can also join our facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1436432996664701/


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